Monday, February 12, 2007

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  • Cat vs. Boyfriend: Several friends have mentioned having a hard time locating the February issue of Instinct with my "Love Allergy" article in it (apparently it's the biggest-selling issue ever, in large part because of its cover story on J.P. Calderon). So if you want to read it online you can get to it by clicking on the photo above, or go here, then click on the article scan and it will enlarge to a readable size.
  • O Canada: The federal government has stepped in allowing a gay Nicaraguan fearing abuse if he is deported to remain in Canada, at least temporarily. Alvaro Orozco, 21, was facing deportation after an immigration board adjudicator did not believe he was openly gay when he fled his native Nicaragua at the age of 12. Jesus -- what's a girl gotta do to get some recognition Up North? This is a start, but does he have to be the Canuck Klinger from now on? (365Gay)
  • Imitation of Christ: How hilarious -- even Christian conservatives aren't buying Ted Haggard's miraculously quick "recovery" from homosexuality. This whole thing's even too gay for a bunch of church farts. (Reuters)
  • Throwing Brits a Bone(r): A British drug store chain will begin test marketing over-the-counter Viagra beginning -- appropriately enough -- on Valentine's Day. Until now the drug was available only by prescription. Boots Drug Stores announced Sunday that the pilot program will be launched in Manchester and is expected to last six months. After that time Boots will consider whether to expand it to other pharmacies. (365Gay)
  • Tapped Out: Three San Francisco police officers accused of verbally abusing and assaulting a gay man they caught urinating in the street will not face possible discipline because the department missed the deadline to take action. At a meeting Wednesday, police commissioners expressed frustration at the department's delay while approving an $83,000 tentative settlement of the man's civil rights lawsuit over the 2004 incident. "You are talking about a hate crime. It's just a tragedy that the department is unable to do anything about it because it dropped the ball so early on," Commissioner Joe Veronese said, referring to the expired one-year statute of limitations for disciplinary action. (AP)

  • New Role: Less than a week after publicly coming out former NBA player John Amaechi has been named a national spokesperson for a project aimed at helping LGBT people come out and live openly gay. "John is making history this week, becoming the first NBA player to ever come out and talk about his life and experiences as an athlete and a gay man," said Human Right Campaign President Joe Solmonese. "In sharing his story, our great hope is that John will pave the way for more GLBT and straight athletes to openly support fairness and respect on and off the playing field." Let's hear for the Brit. (BBSNews)

  • Guilty, Again: A Pennsylvania man has been found guilty for the second time in the 1987 murder of local artist Anthony Milano. Richard Laird was convicted in 1988 of first-degree murder and sentenced to death. His accomplice, Frank Chester, was sentenced to life in prison. Laird appealed his death sentence and last August a federal appeals court ordered a new trial for him, citing errors in the original trial. The four day trial covered most of the same ground as the original. Milano, 26,, was found murdered along a road in Bristol Township near his burning car. He had been beaten and slashed in the head and face, and his throat was cut so many times that his spinal cord was severed. Laird and Chester, believing Milano to be gay, harassed and humiliated him as he tried to get a beer and sandwich, forced him to buy them drinks and then left the bar with him. With so many "gay panic" defenses working in the courts these days, this is a welcome relief for all believers in the justice system, and of course for Mr. Milano's family. (365Gay)
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