Monday, February 05, 2007

Morning Glory: Chad White

We last saw sexy Chad White in a layout in Genre magazine, shot by Rick Day. Tonight I came across some nice outtakes from that spread on the stylist Sean Krebs' blog.
Lots more photos of Chad after the jump. --->


about a boy said...

bless you. bless chads parents. and lastly bless chad. may he stay in the presses for as long as can be.

alexsander said...

I was reading Genre and was looking for the "major league" pics!- they r really hot - GAP never looked so good until now!

Anonymous said...

This guy makes Wentworth Miller look hideous. Unbelieveable.

pointer1952 said...

Until fashion week here in NYC I thought Chad was a relatively hot looking man...BUTT when you see him do the catwalk and strut that stuff..FUCK ME!! HE's hot!...he's got legs and & an ass to die for and then comes that face.....beautiful creation of a man!


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