Monday, December 11, 2006

Ronnie Spector's Christmas Party

We went to see Ronnie Spector on Saturday night at B.B. King. What a great time we had. Ronnie looked and sounded fabulous (she's 63 but still has the spirit of a kid) and put on a really fun show. Billed as her annual Christmas party, she does all of her classic songs from the Phil Spector Christmas album, as well as a couple of other holiday surprises. In addition, she does all of the Ronettes classics ("Baby I Love You," "Walking in the Rain," "(The Best Part of) Breakin' Up," "Be My Baby") plus some choice tracks from her horribly neglected solo career ("Say Goodbye to Hollywood") and two from her new CD (both of which were surprisingly good). Ronnie got in a few good jabs at her murderous nutty ex-husband, but I read that her current hubby of 25 years just had a liver transplant, so something tells me that's what's most on her mind these days. Here's wishing them well -- and thanks for a great night, Ronnie!

Check out the latest Ronnie news on her Web site here, including details of her new album, soon to be released stateside.


Admin said...

thanks for the link..i will definately check our on it..

Anonymous said...

Love Herrrr!