Sunday, November 19, 2006

Home for the Holidays

By the time you read this, Michael and I will be across the country visiting my family for Thanksgiving / my mom's 65th birthday celebration. I wouldn't put it past me to log on at her house and post a thing or two during the week, but essentially I'm "on vacation" for the rest of the week. Just wanted to let everyone who was sweet enough to inquire that my cat, Troy, seems to have gotten better. It seems a case of kitty constipation was behind all of his woes and he's back to going normally and hasn't thrown up in several days (put this high on my list of things I'm grateful for this year). I'm so excited to be going home to see my family (another thing I'm grateful for), especially to meet my newborn niece, Ally.

Have a great holiday week, everybody. I leave you with this classic photo of my grandmother Annamarie circa 1958 showing off the fruits of her labor over at her sister's house in Silver Spring, Maryland (my great-aunt Dorothy). That's Dorothy's daughter, Susan, in the foreground (my first cousin once removed), from whom I got this photo recently!

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