Saturday, October 28, 2006

Amy Sedaris: Hostess With the Mostess

Did you catch Amy Sedaris' totally awkward appearance on Martha Stewart this week? Martha went from being the funnest person cracking up at everything Amy said one second to wondering if Amy was completely mocking her the next -- and back every five seconds. It was classic television.

Amy was there to promote her new book, "I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence."

Village Voice interviewed her recently about the book. This is an answer I hope Madonna reads:

Q: On the back you've dedicated the book "from one artist to another."
A: That's a joke. I think it's funny when people refer to themselves as an artist -- I'll tell you if you're an artist or not. I think entertaining is very artistic and creative and giving. I don't think you have to be naturally artistic to do it, even if you are just catering an event. You need to be good at telling people what you want. You have to be a good Mr. Slate, a good foreman.

Check out the rest of Amy's funny Q&A with the Village Voice here.


Anonymous said...

Great segment. You can watch Amy on the Martha Stewart website.

Unknown said...

she was so "off the mark" with Martha...her humor wasn't even funny and Martha is a pro...she plays along no matter what.she kepy on referring to Martha's AGE!?!.listen bitch you're pushing your book on a mainstream show , at least be nice if you CAN'T be funny!

Unknown said...

...should have posted the same spread she made of Martha..they superimposed her face on the same picture