Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Class of '85

It's no secret that I'm hopelessly stuck in the '80s, so I know exactly who Shakespears Sister is. And I know who Jules Shear is. But after flipping through Rolling Stone last night somehow I feel like I should know who Scissor Sisters and Jake Shears are. Right?

(Covered what? Well, at least I know who Bowie is ...)


Mark LeGault said...

the new Scissor Sisters song RULES!!

BigRocky said...

You should know who the Scissor Sisters are! They're even from NYC!
Sheesh! I'm old enough to be your father, and I know who they are!

Anonymous said...

I thought [seriously] that they took your Gay(tm) card away if you didn't know who they were. [They took my card away a long time ago. I barely had any time after I came out of the closet to wave it around like a pretty, pretty, pretty rainbow flag before they took it.] The Scissor Sisters are th 2000s model of the B-52s, IMHO. [Though I don't necessarily mean that as the compliment the band probably thinks it is.]

RAD said...

SS Rules!! They are on Dancing with the Stars Tonite...Check it out! Being a 80's boy like me--(class of 84)...Your going to love Jake alot too!


J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Yeah - you should! I thought guys in NYC KNEW IT ALL? Ha! Seriously, Scissor Sisters is a fun band, and Jake is HOT! I saw them live out here in Seattle, and Jake's been on the cover of "out" - or was it "Genre" - whatever!