Wednesday, September 27, 2006

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  • The Third Sex: Back in 1956 Cheryl Chase was born intersex -- not entirely male, and not entirely female. On doctors' advice, she was raised as a boy for the first two years of her life until doctors discovered she had a uterus, and decided they'd made a mistake. How did they chose to correct this "mistake"? They completely removed her clitoris because they thought it would make her look more like a girl without it (her condition made it rather large, hence part of the initial confusion). I realize her parents were "doing the best they could," but her mother's explanation of why she allowed the doctors to do this is beyond pathetic: "I don't know what human genitals look like, exactly. I have never looked at myself, and I never looked closely at my children. The doctor said your clitoris had to go. Mine never meant anything to me, so I didn't think it was wrong to remove yours." Understandably, Chase has spent the better part of her adult life trying to convince the medical community -- and parents of intersex children -- that rushing babies into unnecessary (and frequently damaging) plastic surgery isn't the way to go, yet she's having a surprisingly hard to getting anyone to see her point. (I sure get it, Cheryl. Keep up the good fight.) (NYT)

  • Dr. Phat: Buyers of diet products endorsed by TV psychologist "Dr. Phil" McGraw will be eligible for cash refunds or replacement vitamin supplements under terms of a $10.5-million settlement of a lawsuit alleging that the products didn't work as advertised. I don't know about you, but I think anyone who takes diet advice from a middle-aged man television personality with a paunch and no fitness/nutrition credentials deserves to be fat. (LAT)

  • Some Attorney-Client Privilege: As if things couldn't get worse for Anna Nicole Smith, now her leech lawyer Howard K. Stern claims he's the father of her newborn daughter. Yuck. (AP)

  • Talk Too Much: Jilted exes Shar Jackson (Kevin Federline) and Marcia O'Brien (whose husband, Olympic skater Lloyd Eisler, left her for his "Skating with the Stars" partner and star of the film version of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Kristy Swanson) appeared on "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show" (the what show?) to discuss having their mans stolen by "stars." The whole thing would have been perfect if they'd been able to dig up the woman Tori Spelling cockblocked to marry Dean McDermott, but apparently that one was too busy writing a "tell-all book" about the ordeal to appear on the show. (TMZ)

  • 'Top' Story? Should CNN be renaming the show "Anderson Cooper 69"? If studly Thomas Roberts is going to be a regular on the show, we can only hope. (QB)

  • Like Hitting a Bee Hive With a Baseball Bat: The war in Iraq has become a "cause celebre" for Islamic militants, "breeding a deep resentment" of the U.S. in the Muslim world, according to declassified excerpts from a major intelligence report that were released late Tuesday afternoon. The report cites four factors fueling the spread of Islamic militancy: entrenched grievances and a sense of powerlessness; the Iraq "jihad"; the slow pace of reform in Muslim nations; and "pervasive anti-U.S. sentiment among most Muslims." It identified the jihad in Iraq as one of four underlying factors fueling the spread of the Islamic radicalism, along with entrenched grievances, the slow pace of reform and pervasive anti-America sentiment amount most Muslims. (BBC)

  • Urban Outfitters: I've been wondering how schools were handling all of these 11-year-old girls wearing "Your Boyfriend Is a Good Kisser" and "I Know What Boys Want" T-shirts. (WP)
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