Friday, February 17, 2006

Page 1 Consider (02/17)

  • Liz Tayloring: Lovably awkward Lisa Marie Presley married her guitarist in Kyoto, Japan, racking her marriage total up to four. I hope this one does the trick for Elvis' little princess. But what is up with her taste in men? I thought girls went for guys who were like their fathers. Her dad was one of the most handsome guys ever and she goes and marries Michael Jackson, Nic Cage and now a scarecrow? (AP)

  • Warhead Games: France has accused Iran of secretly making nuclear weapons. Iran's chief negotiator, Ali Larijani, lashed back: "Did not!" (WP)

  • Learn From the Masters: They may want to rethink this one: Boston schools appoint gay headteachers (PinkNews)

  • Hollywood's Straight Jacket: Heath and Jake deserve their Oscar noms, but where are the kudos for gay actors playing straight roles? / I haven't even read this commentary and I already want to punch the writer. (Advocate)
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