Thursday, January 19, 2006

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  • La Guerre des roses: French Couple May Face Off for Presidency / He is the Socialist Party boss, and she is the party's most popular politician. Now, Francois Hollande and Segolene Royal might end up competing against each other in the 2007 presidential race! (No, this is not a midseason replacement on FOX.) (AP)

  • Grand Fat Auto: Advocacy groups and parents are suing the Nickelodeon TV network and cereal maker Kellogg Co. in an effort to stop junk food marketing to kids / Here's a better idea than a lawsuit: How about buying your kid a f**king bike and quit letting 'em play video games 18 hours a day? (AP)

  • Prisoner Snack Break: A prisoner lost some 30 pounds so he could squeeze through a hole he chiseled in a brick wall and escape from a maximum security jail in Sydney. / Does this mean we can do away with all of those reality weight loss shows and solve everything by locking up all of the fatties? (Reuters)

  • Ticketless Travel: Former teen idol Leif Garrett was charged with heroin possession Wednesday after he was arrested for allegedly trying to ride the subway without a ticket. How embarrassing that he's riding the subway in L.A. -- but I guess it's a relief to his disabled friend Garth Algar that he can't hurt anyone else behind the wheel of a Porsche. (LA Times)

  • Baby's First Recall: Fisher-Price Musical Chair Recalled / The recalled Laugh & Learn Musical Learning Chair is a plastic blue chair with four green plastic legs and a side table with a purple base and white top. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission deemed the color scheme garish and inappropriate for youngsters. (Washington Post)
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