Thursday, January 19, 2006


In case you missed Jake Gyllenhaal on "The Tonight Show" last week, The Malcontent has the complete video for you. (We've come a long way in 23 years -- did you see it, Kate Jackson?)

I can't stand Jay Leno, but he really did a good job on this one. While Jake is so adorable it's almost painful to watch, the discussion about "Brokeback Mountain" -- unlike when Heath Ledger was on and the word gay was never mentioned once -- was thoughtful and insightful. Jake is really intelligent and rather hilarious (watch what he says as he introduces the clip from the film!). On top of everything else, he looks like he has Size 13 shoes on, too ...

  • Watch: Jay & Jake here
  • Read: Why 'Brokeback' Matters here

    Anonymous said...

    Not to be a wet blanket, but it is jsut a movie. A decent one at that, but that's about it from where I stand.


    Anonymous said...

    I knew I loved you. I hate Leno also! He is the worst interviewer and his jokes are so bad. Give me David Letterman any night. It's even to the point where I won't consider dating someone if I find out they love to watch Leno. I just couldn't stand having to lay in bed at night and having to endure watching NBC.

    Keep up the good work.