Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Water Bowl Half Full?

I haven't blogged about my cat, Troy, lately, but since so many people were sweet enough to ask about him, here's the latest:

It seems that Troy doesn't have diabetes anymore. The Purina DM food I switched him to has completely cured him. He went in for new blood work today and they seemed stunned by the turn of events, even though my friend's vet friend said this may very well happen. Troy's glucose level was over 500 when he was diagnosed (normal is something like 70-110). Today he tested 90. The ER doctor from last month had me lower his insulin to 2 units per day. I haven't even been giving him that on a regular basis because his urine tests show no glucose, so I was afraid that even a small shot of insulin could be dangerous. Apparently I was right: they told me to quit the insulin effective immediately.

OK, so let's recap here: I took my cat in because he was abnormally thirsty for months on end. They said he had diabetes and needed insulin shots twice a day. I asked if there were any other options that we could consider before going the insulin route, such as changing his diet. They said absolutely not. They repeatedly had me increase Troy's insulin based on unreliable home urine tests -- until I nearly killed him and he wound up in the emergency room. I went behind the doctor's back and followed my own instincts starting Troy on a reduced-carb diet. He is completely fine now.

What is wrong with these doctors? Why do I have to pay them for me to treat my own animal? Don't get me wrong, I'm beyond happy that my baby is doing so well now. The water bowl is definitely half full. But I sure wouldn't mind having the $2,100 back that it cost me for the other half.


Loissss said...

Ugh!! Nifty "help" veterinary help you got there. I'm thankful that for all that torment, you aren't left with the bills AND a cat who's only a memory. You're lucky to have Troy still; give him a hug for me.

rod said...

You're polite. I would have named Veterinarian Von Bulow.

Both of my cats died last year, one from complications of diabetes and blind for the last six months of his life. Both were fourteen and had lived good fun lives.

But I completely understand your frustration. Luckily, I have a vet that I trust implicitly (as does my five year old dog).

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