Monday, November 07, 2005

Mustache Requirement

We went to see "Gay Sex in the '70s" over at the Quad yesterday. With a title like that we figured it would have to be good, or at the very least kind of interesting. Somehow it managed to be neither of these things. Although it was commendable that the director, Joseph Lovett, was able to put together a cohesive film with so little actual footage from the era, his clever use of archival photos, XXX movie clips and interviews revealed nothing that we haven't already seen or heard many times before, in other films or just at parties.

While we're repeatedly told by the men in the film that the period after Stonewall (1969) and before AIDS (1981) was like a "lost libertine paradise," the tales of 24-hour faceless gang-bangs in the Chelsea Piers and in the backs of pitch-black trucks truly made me glad that I'd grown up in the era that followed, a reaction I hardly think the film was aiming for.

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Who is we?

You and your mustached Lovahhh?