Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Television, Briefly

  • Zack Morris is joining the cast of "Commander In Chief" (like one stud isn't enough?) (via TV Fodder)

  • Megan Mullally gets a daytime talk show (do the producers realize she's no Karen Walker?) (via Reuters)

  • Stephen Colbert's ratings are good, but how about the show? (via NYT)

  • Who knew CNN Headline News could be so hot?

  • Ratings for "Curb Your Enthusiasm" are down 53 percent this season. Yet HBO canceled "The Comeback" (aka the best show of all time) because of "low ratings." Funny how not having "Sex and the City" as a lead-in does that to all of HBO's shows (told you so, HBO execs) ... (via MediaBuyerPlanner)
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    Anonymous said...

    yEAH? And how about Harris? He is such a cutie too!