Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Laguna Breach

The kids on "Laguna Beach" graduated from high school last night. But the more interesting thing about the show was that they finally showed everyone's parents (you might remember that about the only other time a parent was needed this season was to buy Kristin a BMW sport utility vehicle on last week's show; "Thanks, Dad!").

Casey's mom is the best. She's had so much plastic surgery that she may have to flee Laguna for Wildensteinville. Jessica looks just like her mom (and her sister's a porker). Alex M. wore this halter dress that's cut really low in the back (down to her butt crack) and with that fat ass, she looked horrible (you were smart to run, well, do nothing, Jason).

Oh, and in other news, L.C. and Jason continued their conversationless brand of dating (to the surprise/mock delight of Team Kristin). The previews for next week's episode were far more interesting as it looks like Jessica — once again — decides to remind Jason what a dog he is (it's not hard) and L.C. goes all Alex M. on her.

Notice how all the kids are plotting to get the hell out of The O.C. now (don't let the show fool you, it sucks). I know I couldn't wait to move to L.A. when I lived in Laguna's ugly stepsister Huntington Beach.

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