Monday, October 24, 2005

Boys Don't Cry

Everyone's favorite maybe-tranny Coryn was eliminated this week from "America's Next Top Model" for looking "too sad." Her reaction? She never looked happier.

So let's review what happened here: Coryn goes on a national TV show to try to become a top model. She quickly finds the industry is filled with a bunch of catty, bitchy, backstabbing girls that she wants nothing to do with (I guess people from Minnesota don't already know this). She cries and cries — and cries some more.

But then Tyra delivers the (presumably) crushing news that she has been eliminated. Suddenly Coryn is beaming and her exit becomes the only time she didn't cry. I don't know if this makes Coryn a man or not, but she definitely showed she's got some balls.

So what will Coryn do now? Rumor has it that she'll either take off her weave and return to playing for the New Jersey Nets, or that she's prepared to give Hilary Swank a run for "her" money when the next sure-Oscar part comes along ...

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