Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pink Ladies Reunite

Before there was Blondie, Olivia Newton-John was my girl. That smile! That bright blond hair! That voice! The woman is adorable. We just got home from seeing her in concert at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square and I'm happy to say that Livvy still looks and sounds as good as ever.

Although she shamefully neglected the "Totally Hot" album (my fave), she did a great set that included most of her older country hits ("If Not For You," "Let Me Be There" and even "Jolene"!), an "age-appropriate" jazzy rendition of "Physical" and had the crowd in a tizzy during the "Xanadu" and "Grease" songs. She also surprised us with a fun cover of "Cry Me a River" (she says Julie London was a childhood idol of hers!).

On the way in, we ran into everyone's favorite beauty school dropout, Didi Conn (pictured twice, above)(what a sweetheart). Olivia was thrilled to see her, too, and dragged Frenchie onstage for "Summer Nights," complete with a giant lyric-spewing karaoke screen to encourage audience participation ("I'm insulted you would think we would need that! one queen screamed in protest).
Olivia has always used her fame and fortune for good causes, and she continues that spirit today with a new album, "Stronger Than Before," that benefits the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Olivia is a class act all the way around. Don't miss her if you have the chance to go!

Sadly, Betty Rizzo couldn't be there as she was in court pleading no contest to DUI. ("Are we making fun of you, Rizz? Of course we are!)


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Anonymous said...

oh. my. gawd.
that is TOO cool.

PLEASE tell me she did 'hopelessly devoted to you.'
(and NO, that was NOT a crack about the missing boyfriend!)

Anonymous said...

fabulous! didi....!

i LOVE her for doing GREASE 2.
that's right, honey: ride that damn cart 'til the wheels fall OFF!

and HOW great does olivia look?!

Anonymous said...

Kenneth... hey... it's Chad. Jean recently told me that I had to check out your blog, but now I just linked to it from "Pinkisthenewblog".... Ummmmm... WOW... how is that possible?! CRAZY! It's all such a small bloggin' community...

Anyway... I can't wait to read more now that I've found you. (Jean never sent me the link)... Congrats!