Tuesday, October 11, 2005

J.T.'s World

So how does someone one-up infamous Washington Post fabulist Janet Cooke? Stephen Beachy's article in the new New York magazine offers a compelling theory that the famed 12-year-old cross-dressing prostitute from West Virginia turned literary sensation J.T. LeRoy is, in fact, a 39-year-old mother named Laura Albert (left), originally from Brooklyn, who employs a man in a wig (right) as her alter ego.

Full story: Who is the Real JT LeRoy? A search for the true identity of a great literary hustler. (via New York)


Richard said...

Stephen did an amazing amount of work on that article. He's a terrific novelist, too -- read his
"Distortion" and "The Whistling Song." It's a lot better than anything JT Leroy/Laura Albert published.

Anonymous said...

Now, did Richard really write that, or was it Stephen?