Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Nick's a Trojan Man

I hate how gay guys think all cute celebrities are queer. But I have to admit that every so often a rumor comes along that is just too hot not to think about, for a really long time.

The Boi From Troy had been teasing us since last week with the delicious rumor that Trojan lover Nick Lachey dumped his airhead wife, Jessica, for the USC quarterback/stud Matt Leinart (woof). I don't even care if there is absolutely nothing to substantiate this; I can only say this: HOT.

The only part of this athletic tale that the Boi didn't fill in for us is the details about who is playing which position (not that he needed to: it's not like we hadn't already fantasized about it regularly even before the split). Oh, and Nick: We found a shirt that might fit you rather nicely ...

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