Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Last Days of High School

The "Laguna Beach" kids went to their final prom on last night's episode. That Alex. H. could get a date at all was rather stunning. That Kristin would get asked by Talan and then go with him and make out with 15 other guys was not. Casey's Vegas-showgirl/low-class hooker dress (photo by TVgasm) was the highlight of the night ("She looks sooooo Mission Viejo!). And, once again, Alex M. revealed what a classless biatch she is by telling some sophomore chick that she didn't mind if she accepted Jason's prom invitation, and then turning around and making out with him all night, in front of everybody. Isn't this the same chick who stole Jason from Jessica and then had the nerve to get all high and mighty about it when Jessica hooked up with Jason later?

Next week looks like a real crowd pleaser as we see the O.C.'s favorite player Jason make his move on so-good-she's-boring LC ...

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