Thursday, September 15, 2005

Go West (Hollywood), Young Man!

When MTV's new gay/lesbian channel Logo made its premiere recently, I was a little bit concerned. Not unlike the early days of MTV itself when they would show the video "I Ran" by A Flock of Seagulls about 67 times a day, it was beginning to seem like the only reason to tune in to Logo was to watch "Desert Hearts."

But Logo's new reality show "Open Bar" has convinced me that they are on to something here, and now I'm hoping that the other original programming they have planned could really make this a worthwhile venture.

"Open Bar" follows the recently out Tyler Robuck, a handsome, 34-year-old ex-football player/frat boy/USC MBA grad, as he attempts to open a new lounge called i-Candy in the gay mecca of West Hollywood. In addition, the show is also about Tyler's coming to terms with his sexuality and his place in the world. The likeable leading man and the fast pace of the show hooked me instantly.

The New York Blade's Brain Moylan (is someone actually named Brain???) reviewed the show and had this hilarious-in-a-bitchy-kind-of-way thing to say about our hunky leading man, Tyler:

Did I mention that he’s super hot? Well, sometimes the camera catches him from a weird angle and it makes this meathead look like he has no chin, but mostly he’s smokin’.

Is it any wonder Tyler waited 34 years to come out?

Full article: The Candy Man Can (review from the New York Blade)

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