Thursday, August 10, 2023

Remains of the Day (08/10)

Thursday Ad Watch: Half-naked lunch

ExtraTVRobbie Robertson, guitarist and songwriter of the Band, dies at 80

VOAWorld Bank says no future funding for Uganda because of anti-gay law

Washington BladeTransgender soldier from U.S. named Ukrainian military spokesperson

NYTTaylor Kitsch is no longer the next big thing. He’s OK with that.

WaPo: Amy Kovac confronted a 6-year-old seconds after he shot his teacher; "I did it," she said the boy told her. "I shot the bitch dead."

DM: While I largely agree with Martina Navratilova and others who believe transgender women shouldn't be allowed to compete against cisgender women in elite sports, I really wish they would stop referring to transwomen as "men" and "male athletes." (I'm even willing to allow "biologically male," if they must.) It's callous and does nothing to bolster their case that this isn't about transphobia, a case that is very strong without dehumanization. 

Hot Cat of the Day: In case you missed this cutie on the cover of Tuesday's WSJ!

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