Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Let Me Make This Perfectly Queer

So Damian and I had a lovely pre-birthday dinner with our British friend Tim last night at New York's remaining gay restaurant (Elmo), where our cute young waiter announced he liked Tim's shirt. Tim said said thank you, to which the server replied: "Is that a gamer?" Tim politely hid the table's collective horror and replied: "No, it's Keith Haring. He was an artist who was known for painting these little dancing figures" (pointing at the shirt). "Oh, nice," Mr. I Fill Out My Shorts replied with a smile and zero recognition, as he walked away. We all decided to cut the kid some slack, figuring everyone has to start/learn somewhere -- “even about gay icons,” Damian said. Tim quickly corrected him, noting that Haring is a queer icon. 

Meanwhile, how soon before The Advocate just rechristens her Martina Queeratilova? 

And across the pond, my friend Allen posted this. Hard to believe the shoppe hasn't been renamed Queer's the Word yet. 


Jeffery said...

I have a David Hockney poster of the photo collage Pear Blossom Highway on the wall in the hall. Was asked by a young woman who did it. Told them. Never heard of David Hockney.

I don’t really know who are the significance younger artists of today.

Bevan Dufty said...

By any chance can you ask Damian where he purchased his Keith Haring tee. It's excellent.