Thursday, June 29, 2023

Remains of the Day (06/29)

Highsnobiety: What does 'dressing gay' even mean anymore? Funny that on "Glamorous" the character Chad -- played by hunky Zane Phillips -- is labeled as not being very gay when a few years ago he would have been seen as extremely gay: highlighted hair, obsessed with his body, tight clothes -- and pretty bitchy. 

Thursday Ad Watch: He looks good enough to eat


Boy Culture: By now you've heard about Madonna's falling ill and are relieved to know she's expected to make a full recovery. Now we're learning that she battled a low-grade fever for a month before her body could no longer take it, collapsing and needing serious medical care. This explains the first question I had about how it got to the point that she was found "unresponsive," which seemed particularly scary for someone known to live such a healthy lifestyle. Good to hear she is home now.

Seven PhotosMurray Hill is ready to share his personal life. (I always knew him to be a self-identified "drag king" but Wikipedia says he's transgender, which perhaps is the latest blurring of the LGBT lines.)

Hot Cat of the Day: Kitty's into legs


Jaradon said...

This guy is kind of hot

streetfan14 said...

I'm in my 40s and am so glad I have a gay doctor that I am comfortable discussing my health with and getting vaxxed for HPV and Hep B and going on PrEP. My previous doctors didn't know a lot about it and didn't want to prescribe it.