Sunday, June 18, 2023

Happy Father’s Day!

I’m always weirded out by people who had good fathers -- it just seems unnatural. Everyone knows moms run the world. 


normadesmond said...

My father only did one great thing in his life; he died.

mwk said...

I feel like I need to stand up for fathers. My Father was great. Loved me very much, taught me a lot about life, helped me financially to establish myself. He died in 2010 and is sorely missed by my brother and me.

RedpineWI said...

My father loved is family. He was a great role model as a husband, father, scientist, and a professional. He cared for people, animals, and the natural world. He died two years ago on Father's Day.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Yes, a lot of people I know had great fathers. That's what I'm getting at here -- it's all so foreign to me, having lost my dad to alcoholism when I was 5.

I am lucky to have had a loving stepfather for the past 50 years, but even there we didn't have an autonomous relationship -- never had anything in common or did anything "just the two of us."

Hopefully it's true that you can't miss something you never had. :-)