Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Remains of the Day (05/02)

NYT: Was saddened to hear about the death of Gordon Lightfoot, whose music brought my brothers and me together in more ways than one, including one of our final outings before our Billy died. As my brother's widow put it, Gordon "was everything to Bill," so his passing feels personal. Thank you Gord, for all that Gold.

Various: The person of interest in the murder of a gay neurosurgeon in Detroit has been released, which already has me worried that the crime could go unsolved. The victim's house was broken into over the weekend, which adds another similarity to the Robert Wone case

Various: Horrifying to think that the new wave classic "Valley Girl" came out 40 years ago. Seeing it in the summer of 1983 was a seminal moment in my youth -- and it's fun to see Josie Cotton with director Martha Coolidge at a recent screening in Los Angeles!

Hot Cat of the Day: Claws out!

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streetfan14 said...

I sure haven't forgotten how hot Robert Buckley is, so damn gorgeous.