Monday, March 20, 2023

Remains of the Day (03/20)

Peacock: Stop what you're doing and watch "Who Killed Robert Wone?," which examines the 2006 case of a 32-year-old married-to-a-woman man who turned up dead shortly after arriving at the Dupont Circle home of a longtime college friend (Joseph Price), who lived there with his domestic partner (Victor Zaborsky) and his S&M dom (Dylan Ward) in a polyamorous family. Although the three gay men were clearly involved in Wone's sadistic killing, prosecutors have never been able to bring murder charges because if we are to believe everything that is alleged, there's virtually no way it could have all happened in the tiny timeline allotted -- or I need to hire these three to organize my life. (Frightening moral of the story: 90% of the time people only get caught because they crack and confess, which none of these men have.)  Read the acclaimed two-part Washington Post series on the murder HERE and HERE. And see when I stopped by the crime scene HERE. Also feel free to flood my inbox or the comments with theories! 

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VRCooper said...


Here you go -Kevin and all his glory-

Jaradon said...

A gay sex scene between Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon would have been extremely hot...Smith was murdered and his body dumped on the road now was Buster and his twisted powerful relatives involved in the cover up- maybe

Jaradon said...

Wone murder case is fascinated but why did they kill him? Was it a S&M scene that got out of hand?