Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Postcard From the Upper West Side of Minneapolis

I just walked outside my apartment and the *first* person I saw was a young guy who was also wearing a Mary Tyler Moore T-shirt(!). When I smiled and pointed it out, he was more blasé than Penny Marshall as Miss Richards's nurse neighbor, then begrudgingly agreed to a photo. And I was led to believe love is all around! 


Jack said...

The night I met my husband, he had just recently moved to Minneapolis from Boston. On our "first date" we drove around the city and I showed him some landmarks. I was trying to find "Mary's House" off Lake-of-the-Isles Parkway (the home they used on the show for exteriors) but I took a wrong turn and ended up having to circle back a few times. I guess we looked suspicious because a cop stopped us and asked what we were up to. I truthfully told him I was trying to show my out-of-town friend the Mary Tyler Moore House and the officer rolled his eyes and muttered, "It's over there, have a nice night, boys!"

Rob said...

I highly recommend the book Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted by Jennifer Armstrong on how the show came to be made.