Monday, April 03, 2023

Tennis Scores at Beacon Theatre

Save for the rain, Damian and I had a perfect evening Saturday seeing Tennis in concert at the Beacon Theatre. It was our second time seeing the band -- made up of wife-and-husband duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, plus touring drummer Steve Voss and bassist Ryan Tullock -- only this time we didn't miss the first few songs. (That's the difference between Brooklyn Steel on a workday and a theater that's a stone's throw away from your apartment on a Saturday!) 

Tennis performed a number of songs off their just-released sixth album ("Pollen"), including “Forbidden Doors,” “One Night With the Valet,” “Hotel Valet,” and “Pollen Song.”). Thankfully, I'm already well-versed in them, so they blended in perfectly with favorites like “Runner," "Need Your Love,” “Matrimony” and "Diamond Rings," perhaps my favorite song of theirs. I often joke that I never sought out new music after the "last" Bangles album -- in 1988! -- but that's only a slight exaggeration. Although I was out of the loop during much of the '90s dating a music-control-freak Latino -- if I ever hear Carlos Vives or Gipsy Kings again I might gritar! -- I did catch up eventually with the best of the decade. (Breeders, Belly, Ivy, Garbage, Hole, a side of Cranberries) But it's been slim pickings over the past 20-plus years, which is why Tennis is so special to me.

A three-song encore of “I’ll Haunt You,” "My Better Self" and “Glorietta” brought the show to a close, before Damian and I made our way to a local diner just as we had after seeing Chrissie Hynde on our second date, nearly nine years ago. ❤️

P.S. Kudos to opener Kate Bollinger, who put on a charming set to kick off the evening. 

P.S. Just need to go back to retrieve my umbrella! 

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