Thursday, November 11, 2021

Song of the Day: 'I Miss That Feeling' by Tennis

After some minor drama that saw me throwing away our (apparently still good) tickets for their (Covid-postponed) March 2020 concert -- yes, I still get hard copies for my stub collection! -- Damian and I finally saw Tennis last night at Brooklyn Steel -- and they did not disappoint. Tennis, of course, is one of those rare bands that I discovered later in life that somehow already feels like I've been a fan for decades. After smiling and dancing for the first half of the show, I spent the second part doing my best to hide the fact that I was crying nonstop, overcome with so many emotions. I have this theory that most people are wired one of three ways: While we all typically enjoy television -- it's our earliest friend -- adults then break into people who especially adore theater, movies or live music. I've probably gone to the movies two or three times in the past seven years, and most of you know I can generally take or leave theater. But the right music gives me goosebumps and can transport me to another place in time, like when I saw Paul Simon a couple years ago in Queens and was suddenly a little boy listening to Simon & Garfunkel albums with my brother Bill in our basement on 13 Mile Road. 

Maybe it's the utter awe I feel toward musicians and songwriters, but nothing thrills me more than seeing an artist perform their craft on a stage before an audience. In addition to being moved by Tennis's ethereal brand of music -- I'm a sucker for their more romantic songs -- I was overcome looking at a roomful of young people enjoying a contemporary band that I also adore -- there is hope for the future! -- and by the realization that I've been going to concerts 40 years now and have no intention of slowing down. (That my first live act, the Go-Go's, was just inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame may also have stirred my emotions.)  As we exited the venue it hit me how much I have missed going to live shows these past two years, and noticed Damian too had been sobbing throughout the evening, like I needed another reminder why I love him so. xo

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