Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Romeo Void Singer Debora Iyall Talks SF Beginnings, Getting Signed and How MTV May Have Changed Band's Fortunes

First off: After spending 10 years saying I didn't understand how someone who doesn't have a commute -- and can't stand headphones for extended periods, especially while working -- can listen to a podcast, I have finally found a venue where I can: the bathtub. (Our new apartment has a vintage tub and I'm addicted to soaking in fancy bath products!) So with that in mind, I can make my first recommendation. 

Romeo Void singer Debora Iyall was a hoot on @thehustlepod with Jon Lamoreaux. Listen HERE

Best moment: Upon meeting backstage years ago at the MTV Video Music Awards, Daryl Hall told Debora that it was nice to meet her before saying: "I'm somewhat of a fan." 🤣🤣🤣

To buy an autographed copy, please click HERE.

And don't forget Romeo Void's new album -- “Live From Mabuhay Gardens, November 14, 1980” -- will be out on Record Day (March 22). Two songs, "Charred Remains" and "Guards," are already streaming wherever you get your music. What a treat it is to hear the latter in its infancy! 

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