Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Remains of the Day (04/25)

Various: I ended up checking out (what turns out to be) the first pilot of the sitcom 'Tabatha" [sic] last night after hearing about it on RetroNewsNow. I fondly remember the short-lived Lisa Hartman version -- how I loved her yellow VW convertible -- but originally Liberty Williams played the titular character, with Bruce Kimmel as her witchy brother, Adam. Worth a watch, if only for the 1970s fashions and San Francisco location shots!

Page Six: Comedian Bob Newhart's wife, Ginnie -- who may or may not have conceived the brilliant 'Newhart' finale (depending on whom you ask) -- is dead at 82

Hot Cat of the Day: Optimal loafing

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Steve said...

Oh, sandtrap. Damn, I thought it said jockstrap. Oh well. Still JJ Watt.