Monday, April 17, 2023

Remains of the Day (04/17)

Mug Shot MondayI can change him

WaPo: Sorry, Second Amendment nuts: Guns don’t protect people -- they kill people … especially when you’re such a lunatic you think it’s normal to answer the door and point a loaded pistol at the person who knocked. (And people want to put guns in classrooms????) The only way this New Mexico "accident" could have been more perfect is if the wife, Annie Oakley, had been blown away too.

KCTV: Again, stop acting like a f**king lunactic just because someone knocked on your door (Best wishes for a speedy recovery to 16-year-old Ralph Yarl. This is an outrage and this old coot needs to pay.)

Manspread MondayNaughty student edition

Hot Cat of the Day: Harvey's cousin Charlie doesn't know what to make of the backyard repairs on Capitol Hill! 

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GC MI said...

The more we learn about Clarence Thomas, the more I realize that everything that Anita Hill said about him was true.