Friday, March 24, 2023

Remains of the Day (03/24)

The Daily BeastAl Franken may have found a loophole in ‘don’t say gay’ bill

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das buut said...

"If this isn't the dictionary definition of grooming children into a certain lifestyle then I don't know what is."

See, this is a cultural thing that should be explored with the kids and the parents. There are different forms of marriage and there are different types of couples. It would be a great learning experience for all involved.

As for gay people doing this. If it was a general audiences ceremony, there is nothing controversial about it. Some of us, however, can't go without our PG-13.

Reminds me of the video of the lovely bride shaking her ass in her backyard ceremony as she 'danced' up to her groom to shitty stripper music and her family stared horrified in their sunday best. That's one ceremony children and adults should not be subjected to. That and those insipid nasally couples, where she sounds like she's twelve and on helium and he's so much smarter than everyone else because he invested in crypto when it was new and they have their own vows to music. Those just make you want to do the Klingon marriage ritual of beating them with large sticks!

what was this about again?