Monday, March 06, 2023

Quote of the Day

Justin Vivian Bond sure hit the nail on the head here. While I'm the first to admit that some of the backlash has been given a self-inflicted opening by extremist activists' chimerical demands, conservatives -- already furious by the gains gays and lesbians have made -- were going to look for new ways to denigrate LGBT people no matter what. And now we're seeing just how far they're willing to go. Brace yourself, gang.


das buut said...

I am going to say this: Everything that it is happening now is a backlash to perverts, pedophiles, pimp parents, AND activists taking shit too far.

There is education on the subject, there's sensitivity and understanding to be had. But disgusting shit like parents bringing their kids to drag shows and drag queens performing for those kids with all that it entails (from going topless with their breasts hanging out and dressed in lingerie, to encouraging little girls to put tips in their garter belts), should be against the law and both sides punished for it. Drag is an adult entertainment and kids should not be around it because of that.

RuPaul's Drag Race has been made into a clown show for the normies, who think that's all there is to it. But, what is on the show is not entirely PG either. RPDR is not to blame and should be left alone because it's on a cable channel for adults, you have to search for it to watch. Parent's used to be to blame because they didn't watch their children, now they're sitting them down to watch adult things.

This has made it easier for those who prey upon them. Pedos are attacking kids. Rapists are attacking women and girls. Both are claiming to be trans and the system set up to protect trans people is being abused to let them continue their attacks. DAs in the most liberal areas are actively protecting these perverts. What's worse, people who claim to be advocating for trans rights are trying to encourage more laws to protect this and spread it.

These cultural shifts have turned a deeply personal and traumatic situation such as gender dysphoria into entertainment and hobbies for the neurotic. School teachers have become psychotic collectors of different children, to the point they're pushing already confused kids into things they may not be or may not be ready for. A trans person's journey is their own and is something deeply personal they must find their way through, Mx. Nelson with blue striped hair is not her fucking Mx. Miyagi.

Also, denying things like trans people will often change their minds along their transition, or that they may not want to transition is also causing harm. Attacking people and deplatforming them for presenting this side only provides support for those who wish to ban any form of trans and gay parts of society.

This is not just a one-side is good, one side is bad, black and white situation. That time has passed.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@das buut: All I know is a few years ago we had the majority of Americans on our side -- REJECTING these disgusting anti-trans bathroom bills, MLB pulling events out of states that had them, etc. And now we have this.