Thursday, February 23, 2023

Row v. Apartment

I've always admired the glamorous old-world apartment buildings along Central Park West, like the Dakota (John Lennon, Lauren Bacall, almost Carly Simon), San Remo (Mary Tyler Moore, Rita Hayworth, Diane Keaton), El Dorado (Faye Dunaway, Bruce Willis, Michael J. Fox) and Beresford (Jerry Seinfeld, Meryl Streep, Calvin Klein, Tatum O’Neil, Michael Nichols/Diane Sawyer, Diana Ross). 

So it never crossed my mind that a single-family house was an option -- until now. 

Gimme Shelter reports that a 19th-century rowhouse -- a real rarity, featuring nine bedrooms and five baths -- has just hit the market for $7.99 million.

The 20-foot-wide limestone Neo-Renaissance residence, at 354 Central Park West, is 5,000 square feet. Built in 1892, it was designed by G.A. Schellenger and developed by Edward Kilpatrick.

This was also one of five rowhouses built between 95th and 96th streets. Only two of the original remain these days, and just one is for sale. What’s more, listing broker Frances Katzen of Douglas Elliman says this is the only townhouse for sale along Central Park West.

I think I'd still prefer the comfort and security of an apartment, but you can have a look inside and decide for yourself BELOW.

Kitchen, butter churn sold separately

Living room




View the listing HERE.


das buut said...

Oh my god. No wonder they dropped the price. What Tiffany with severe frontal-lobe trauma designed this?

James said...

That’s the neighbourhood where I went to high school. Seems to have come up in the world.

Jack said...

It just screams "good taste."

Rix said...

And the Whole Foods and Trader Joes are in walking distance, but no garage/ curb cut.

Joe said...

Have to agree with das buut. All the cutting edge, 'It came to me @ Studio54' design manifestations age badly. The killer is parking. $8M and you have to walk to the garage at night doesn't work in 2023.

James said...

When I was in that neighbourhood, no one owned a car. Have things changed since then?