Sunday, February 12, 2023

Hollywood PR Veteran Howard Bragman Dies at 66

Heartbroken to hear about the sudden death of my old friend Howard Bragman, aka crisis PR guru to the stars. I only learned the news on social media tonight -- I wasn’t even aware that he was ailing -- so am reeling a bit. 

Howard introduced me to some great people and always made me feel special by telling me what a fan he was of my "column," a term I found very endearing.

He was far too young to go, but I find some comfort in knowing the last phase of his life was the happiest I had ever seen him, in large part because of his relationship with singer Mike Maimone. Here’s the last photo he texted me, featuring his million-watt smile. RIP, my fellow Michigan man. 🙏

UPDATE: Mutual friends tell me he died surrounded by loved ones after a brief battle with an extremely aggressive form of leukemia he was diagnosed with less than two weeks ago. Truly stunning how quickly things can turn. My love to the family. xo

Howard Bragman was an industry leader who masterfully used the power of the press to create positive change and visibility for LGBTQ people. Throughout his long career, he worked with many LGBTQ notables to ensure their coming out stories were treated with dignity and created impact for the entire community. His own visibility as an out executive, paired with a trademark humor and bold approach to public relations, made unforgettable marks on media, entertainment, and public relations industries.


Jaradon said...

May he Rest in Peace

Greggory said...

Such sad news. He was a delight to watch on TV and follow on social media. Very attractive man inside and out.
Thanks for sharing your info and the great pics. May he rest in peace.