Saturday, February 04, 2023

When a Man Loves a Cat

Damian and I caught a screening of "Cat Daddies" last night and my face still hurts from smiling (through tears of joy). The less you know going into it the better, in my opinion. But suffice to say it's a must-see for cat lovers, and should probably be mandatory viewing for all men as a lesson against toxic masculinity.

After missing it at the Angelika, we had planned to see "Cat Daddies" a few weeks ago in Hudson, N.Y., only to have our Metro North train break down. (It seems to be showing in select cities right now before eventually coming to home release.) So a NJ Transit train to Asbury Park -- in 8-degree weather on a Friday evening -- was a small price to pay to finally see writer/director Mye Hoang's gem of a documentary. 

Check for a screening near you HERE.


We had a couple hours to kill before the next train back to NYC, so had dinner at a cute Mexican joint on Main Street (where a waitress with a beautiful voice sang live) before having a beer at Georgie's. The bar was cute and even played "Walking on Sunshine" and the C L McSpadden Powerhouse Mix of "Missing"! 

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