Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Nailed It


As many of you are well aware, I find the names of some nail salons to be rather HILARIOUS. One of the catchiest of all is "Gorgeous Pretty Beauty Nail," which Miss Swan, of course, famously operated on "MadTV" for years. What I didn't know is that Alex Borstein, who played the hilarious character in a very different time in our nation, responded to claims of "yellow face" even back then by saying Swan was not poking fun at Asians, but was in fact based on her "Hungarian grandmother" and Icelandic singer Björk.
“Ms. Swan is based on my grandmother, a spunky 85-year-old immigrant who toys with her ability to speak and understand English as it suits her. She’s been in this country for almost 50 years and we still can’t understand a word she says! (Unless, of course, she needs a favor--then she’s as clear as a bell.)” (Read Borstein's hilariously defensive L.A. Times op-ed HERE.)

Sure, Min! 


Stephen said...

"Beautiful Nail"

Unknown said...

Oh, how fun to see Alex B here, and I didn't know she did MadTV -- but of course Lois in Family Guy. If you can, um, access the three-season HBO series "Getting On" (US Version), Alex is incredible in that pitch-black comedy. zenflo

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

YES! "Getting On" was incredible!