Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Lance Kerwin, TV's 'James at 15,' Is Dead at 62


Sad to hear about the death of Lance Kerwin, best known for the TV series "James at 15." 

Damian and I recently watched the TV movie and entire run (into his being "James at 16") -- it was an absolute favorite of my brothers and mine -- and it held up incredibly well, save for the time he slut-shamed Terri Nunn into becoming his friend after tricking her into coming over with the promise of taking her picture. (James Hunter was an avid photographer, at school and away.) Like other child stars, Kerwin's life had been plagued by drugs and criminal behavior -- so in a sad way I'm surprised he lived to be 62. (No cause of death has been determined yet. There was a sad GoFundMe for him that failed to catch on the way the one for Mary Ann from "Gilligan's Island" did.) 

Condolences to his wife and children, and everyone who cared about him. 

My brother Terence's response to the news:

That is sad. Sounds like he had a pretty unhappy life once his sister became a Real Housewife.


Jaradon said...

Lance was one of my teen crushes- he actually looked like the first boy I ever kissed. May he Rest in Peace.

Jinxy said...

Loved him when I was younger.

Jack said...

I sort of idolized him when he did James at 15/16. Sorry to hear.