Thursday, January 12, 2023

Lisa Marie Presley Is Dead at 54

Heartbreaking. I remember reading an article about her when I was a boy and fantasizing that we became friends. I know she was completely destroyed by the suicide of her son, and now I feel so bad for her mother and other children. 
CALABASAS, Calif. (AP) -- Lisa Marie Presley, singer and only child of Elvis, dies at 54 after hospitalization, mother Priscilla Presley says.
Just awful news.

Lisa Marie will be buried at Graceland next to her son, according to a representative for her oldest daughter, actress Riley Keough. Elvis and other family members are also buried at Graceland.

I'm so grateful that I got to see her perform, opening for Chris Isaak nearly two decades ago. The tour was only stopping in Atlantic City at the time -- no NYC gigs -- but my then-partner, Michael, surprised me with tickets. We ended up taking one of those tacky buses where they give you $30 in gambling chips, and ended up having a great time seeing the King's daughter rock out in her bashful kind of way. xo


Jaradon said...

Very sad news

Stephen said...

We were at Graceland recently and it started raining so hard for so long that most people left. The backyard was completely flooded. We stayed, meandered around and ended up at the grave sites, my friend and I, standing in the pouring rain alone crying. No one else around. It was surreal and deeply emotional. I will email you the pics.