Monday, July 13, 2020

Song of the Day: 'Burning for You' by Lisa Marie Presley

In 2019, Lisa Marie shared this image of herself with all four of her kids.

We don't know celebrities but it's hard not to be sad to hear that Lisa Marie Presley's only son -- and Elvis's sole grandson -- has died by suicide. Benjamin Keough was just 27. Forgive my soapbox, but can't help but wonder if the troubled young man would be alive today if a gun had not been in the house.

The manager for Lisa Marie Presley said she "is completely heartbroken, inconsolable and beyond devastated but trying to stay strong for her 11-year-old twins and her oldest daughter, Riley," TMZ wrote. “He was the love of her life.” RIP. 


Stephen said...

I remember like it was yesterday where I was when I found out that Elvis was dead. This news is heartbreaking. It seems that depression runs rampant in that family. As if 2020 can't get any worse, though I am afraid we are only at the tip of the iceberg.

Blobby said...

I'm wondering if Lisa Marie hadn't dragged her kids thought Scientology for decades if they wouldn't be fucked up.