Monday, January 30, 2023

A Visit to Edward Hopper's New York


Have been an Edward Hopper fan as long as I can remember, so was excited to check out the exhibition over at the Whitney Museum with my friend Chad. Although not comprehensive -- Nighthawks wasn't flown in from the Art Institute of Chicago, nor did they borrow Chop Suey from its private owner -- it was thrilling to see many of his classic works in the flesh. I think I was drawn to Hopper as a boy because he seemed to be offering a voyeuristic view into the world of regular New York City dwellers, something I so desperately wanted to be. Viewing the paintings now with a quarter century of Manhattan life behind me allowed me to see them through a new lens, one that left me feeling very much at peace. More snapshots BELOW.

A personal favorite: House at Dusk (1935)

Nighthawks in progress

Thought it was fun/ironic that the artist's ticket-stub collection was also on display! More info HERE.


Jaradon said...

This looks like a great show- he captured the loneliness of the big city

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! I've always loved the intensity of his colors and how he painted light. Beautiful work.