Thursday, December 01, 2022

Thursday Ad Watch Six-Pack

Five more targeted ads that left me feeling exposed BELOW.


VRCooper said...

The first picture is what is wrong with men's fashion today-fit.

I have seen men wear dress pants-and others-way too tight. Shirts as well. You shouldn't be ready to pop a button. And what is this ongoing habit of men putting their hands in their pockets? This ruins the cut of the pant. I was in the military and it was a no-no. If this was a problem you were required to sew them shut.

If your clothes are restrictive then you need to size up or find a good tailor. I would welcome the pendulum swinging back to wear men would take pride in what they wear. Sweats and sneakers do not go with all occasions. If you complain that the causal-casual clothes are all you wear because the alternative is uncomfortable then size and fit are your problems. Your clothes should skim your silhouette.

End of rant.

Jinxy said...

It may not be the traditional look but I sure do appreciate tight fitting clothes on a man with a hot body. I can't pull it off but he can.