Thursday, December 08, 2022

Lennon Gratitude

Normally I post personal memories of that fateful day -- and share Susanna Hoffs's song about her finding out the tragic news. But after 17 years of doing this it seemed a bit redundant, which made finding this on a Blondie Facebook group all the more fortuitous!
Debbie at the childhood home 🏡 of John Liverpool. John was murdered on this day in 1980...🕊 ✌️ 🇬🇧
Although their careers feel like from different eras -- he was a babe when the Beatles struck it big whereas she floundered around the NYC scene before making her mark -- it's interesting to note that Lennon would have been 82 today, a mere four and a half years older than the Blondie singer. How chilling to realize the man has been dead longer than he lived, yet we're still the lucky ones. 

If I can get up enough energy -- my recovery has been slow-going -- I hope to walk by the Dakota later this evening, now just a stone's throw from my home. I think we could all use some comfort about now.

Carly Simon shared this:
Remembering John Lennon today. With Yoko, James, & John. I was very pregnant with my son Ben. #1977

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