Monday, September 26, 2022

Manspread Monday

I was never a soccer fan but knew who David Beckham was back in the day. So I'm not sure if my increasing removal from pop culture is to blame or what -- I still don't know what a Harry Styles is -- but apparently this person whose name I have never even heard once in my life is now the "most stylish man in soccer." I've never understood long or even floppy hair on a guy, but Jack Grealish has definitely got his manspread down! More BELOW.

I do like that when you type his name in Google, it auto populates the word "calves" afterward!

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j said...

You should should check out Gavi and Pedri the two cute soccer twinks that play for Barcelona - they look as if they stepped out of a Bel Ami video. Soccer players have very natural builds and have not problem stripping off their shirts and giving the sweaty shorts to some lucky fan