Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Picture This: Debbie Harry and Gilda Radner


How am I just now seeing for the first time this photo of two of my favorite entertainers of all time? If anyone can tell me anything about it -- purportedly taken by Chris Stein in 1979 -- please speak up! Debbie Harry hosted "Saturday Night Live" in 1981 during that off-brand season when Lorne Michaels wasn't at the helm and Gilda was gone. So my best guess is Debbie visited Gilda at the Winter Garden Theatre when she was doing her one-woman Broadway show, "Live From New York," the soundtrack to which I played nonstop after getting it for Christmas later that year!

We lost Gilda to cancer more than 30 years ago, while Debbie is still mesmerizing us at 77. Life is so strange. 

UPDATE: I reached out to Chris Stein to see what he remembered about the photo and here’s what he said:

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