Friday, August 05, 2022

Page 1 Roundup (08/05)

UPDATE: The vile conspiracy theorist must pay the parents of a Sandy Hook victim $45.2 million in punitive damages, a Texas jury ruled.

Hot Cat of the Day: 'Do you ducking mind?'


John said...

No surprise that Griner got a stiff sentence.

They know the US is ready to deal, so why give her a reasonable sentence and remove/reduce our incentive to trade?

I really feel for her and her family.

das buut said...

Compounds the injustice??? The bitch took drugs to a foreign country where they are illegal and knew they were illegal. She's lucky she didn't do this to one of the more interesting countries where they kill drug traffickers. I am tired of this double standard for the rich and famous who have the right affiliations. If this was someone like that crazy bitch MTG, people would be celebrating her being brought to justice. Pot is still a drug, it is still bad for you, no matter the cultural acceptance here in the U.S..