Sunday, June 26, 2022

Sunday Comics


"But I just didn't like Hillary."


j said...

Shocking the lied!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kenneth. What exactly were they thinking would happen when they voted for Gary Johnson/Jill Stein or didn’t even vote—all because they didn’t like or trust Hillary Clinton?

Anonymous said...

Some people are not going to like this but I have to say the younger gays specially taken a lot of rights for granted- they are living in world that a lot of blood and pain was built by a previous generation of yes white gay men who are now are erased by revisionist history - we were once all part of a larger tribe once but now EVERYONE wants to be their own thing- the obsession with nonsense like pronouns or bathrooms or adding more letters to the gay movement or colors to the rainbow flag- mean while our enemy who as the supreme court has shown is in control of rights that matter- marriage, adoption our own security- we better get our shit together and start fighting back- yes I'm old enough to have marched with Act Up and chanted were are queer we are here. If I have triggered your over sensitivity too bad