Monday, May 23, 2022

Song of the Day: 'Vanessa Vacillating' by Slow Children


What a thrill to see that my favorite obscure '80s band -- Slow Children -- has at long last seen its two brilliant albums issued on CD, something I have been begging to have happen for 30 years! (I was so desperate, in fact, my friend Greg and I created our own!) Greg just received his in the mail and sent me this photo of "Slow Children" (1981) and "Mad About Town" (1982), about which Rubellan Remasters writes:
Working directly with the band on these overdue releases, not only do these New Wave gems include all tracks from different variations of the albums, singles, B sides and extended mixes, but the band have opened their personal archive to include several previously unreleased recordings, including demos, outtakes, and a very early live track featuring Michael Steele, future Bangles, on bass.
For more details -- and to see other hard-to-find titles -- click HERE.


Scott said...

Slow Children was my FAVORITE band of the 80s in LA.
President, Am I... Spring in Fialta ....Respective Sides...Starring st the Ceiling... Brazilian Magazines.
Ah.. the best..
There used to be a record shop in Westwood that carried a lot of New Wave and new releases designed for radio release reviews (with a hole punched out to indicate that's what it was). I loved them - although my album #1 of theirs had a different cover.

Scott said...

PS - the song you pulled up is Vanessa Vacillating is not Staring At The Ceiling - but I love them both...