Monday, May 02, 2022

Song of the Day: 'Have Mercy' by the Judds

Was sad to hear about the death of Naomi Judd over the weekend. Ironically, I had just received a copy of a letter my maternal grandmother, Annamarie, wrote to her sister (and brother-in-law) five days before taking her own life in 1970 at age 50, which left me thinking how truly unpredictable suicide is: Judd was candid and vocal about her struggles with mental health whereas my grandmother was recently down about an impending divorce, yet sounded sanguine and making plans for the future. 
When last I spoke to my lawyer, last Friday, he told me that waiting was the name of the game. I really believe that he is right and this is why I have decided that I am going to pursue, in earnest, a higher paying job within commuting distance of Westport and remain right her until such time as Tom has to break down and come to a settlement. I think that this is possibly the best and only way I will get a decent amount out of this dreadful mess. 

I have a lot of ups and downs but mostly I keep busy and don't let myself get too alone or unhappy. When do you think I can see you again? Soon I hope.
My Aunt Dorothy always felt the whole thing was an impulsive and permanent act of a woman suddenly home alone who had too much to drink -- an act that scarred her parents, siblings and children for life. And left her young grandchildren searching for clues.

My grandmother with her third (and final) husband, Dr. Thomas Kearney 

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